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How it works
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1. Buy your Package online

اشتري الاشتراك المناسب لك على الموقع أو في النادي

2. Book your class online

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3. Attend your class at Loca Studios

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You deserve a happy gym
أنتِ تستحقين نادي يسعدك ويغيّر حياتك

Have you quit a gym before? Are you bored doing the same workout every day? Do you want to change your body and life but you don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. We’ve all been there! Loca Studios is here to help you start with ease
غسلتي يدك من النوادي؟ مليتي من نفس التمارين الرياضية كل يوم؟ تبغي تغيري جسمك و حياتك و ما تعرفي من فين تبدأي؟ كلنا مرينا بنفس الظروف وحاسين فيكِ وحنساعدك تبدأي بكل سهولة

What we offer
حتلاقي في لوكا

Loca Circus
رياضة السيرك

Strengthen your confidence with 6 different types of Circus Workouts Pole FitnessBurlesqueAerial Silk/flyBungee workoutAerial hoop, and Indoor Wall Climbing.


Loca Fitness & Calisthenics
الرياضة والكاليسثنكس

We tailored specific workouts that will build strength and work all major muscle groups for a lean and toned physique – all while having a blast! Boxing/ Kickboxing, Trampolin, TRX, Body Pump, and much more.


Loca Dance
رياضة الرقص

Burn Calories without Burning Out with 12 dance Styles Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Salsa & Bachata, Zumba, Twerkout, Belly Dancing, and much more.

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Loca Meditate & Inner Peace
التأمل والسلام الداخلي

Get in touch with your physique and connect your soul to your body through our variety of workouts, Yoga for Soul, Animal Flow, Buti Yoga, Pilates, Pound Fitness, Barre, and more.


Al Mohammadiyyah, Jeddah 23616
المحمدية ، جدة 23616

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