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The everyday above ground can get overbearing, so fly with us. Locastudios is here to help you spread your wings and glide through the day.

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Strengthen your confidence along with your upper body with 6 different types of workouts that will improve your fitness level and your perspective in life. 

Pole fitness

Not many understand what Pole Fitness is yet, just like not many understand that most Pole Dancers are in the best shape of their lives or that it serves as a cardiovascular workout, as well as resistance. It’s a full-body workout that is hard but very rewarding. Not only will it leave you looking and feeling extra fit, but you also get to leave people feeling mystified by your presence. That’s the perfect mix of Loca if you ask us.


Burlesque fitness

Provocative, Sensual and Comedic & a whole lot of fun! Burlesque Fitness is specifically designed to work your core, get your heartbeat racing, whether you’re on your feet, knees, flying high or on a chair, Burlesque Fitness is definitely going to stretch you out and leave you feeling sexy, fit, and most importantly, empowered!


Aerial silk/Fly Fitness

Ever seen a person fly as gracefully and expressive as a happy bird? Now, imagine that person is you. Yes, that’s right, you get to fly too. Better yet, you get to slip into the universe of real Freedom! This class is open to all fitness levels and to individuals looking to shake up their daily routine. Not only will it improve your stability, but you’ll also be building your upper body as well as your core as you go along the way.


Bungee workout

Dancing, Aerial, and Circus, put them all together and you get this class. Its Choreography is highly stimulating. Intense cardio will leave you gasping for air but so will all the laughter and fun! You get to fly but not too far, the bungee will bring you back!



The human body’s flexibility is a wonder and the Aerial Hoop will bring that to the forefront of the many things you wonder about. Here’s a way to amplify your inner acrobatic instincts, join this class, and explore that side of you while burning about 400 calories per hour. By regularly practicing, your posture, muscles, and weight will all be developed, highlighting a side of you not many know – flexible and acrobatic!


Indoor wall climbing

Indoor climbing will improve all aspects of your physical condition. You will see improvement in your balance, flexibility, and agility and develop both upper and lower body strength. Best of all, you will burn calories at a higher rate than most strenuous workouts and will do it before you know it. Climbing gyms give you an enjoyable venue for social interaction.



Frequent Asked Questions

Can LocaCircus really give me a sense of freedom?

Loca Circus is a lifestyle first before it’s a type of fitness activity. Having something that sets your mind away from the daily hustle and bustle is very freeing, but being able to be suspended in air is a completely different feeling of freedom.

How can I get physically healthy from these kinds of workouts?

Unlike most Fitness Techniques, Loca Circus encourages innovation and creativity instead of repetition. These workouts rely on upper body strength, mobility, flexibility, and agility amongst others. It is a form of High-intensity cardio training and simultaneously develops your core as well as your strength.

Can I really lose weight doing these?

All of the workouts in Loca Circus are guaranteed to burn a whole lot of calories and fats while improving your endurance and strength. But while that is a fact, dieting needs to be at the top of your priorities for an effective weight loss.

Can I build strength?

Have you ever hurled yourself up on a pull-up bar? Imagine doing that continuously. It will definitely help you develop techniques to improve your core and strength.

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