Loca Meditate & Inner Peace

No one will know your body like you will. Get in touch with your physique and connect your soul to your body through Loca Movement’s variety of workouts that will change the way you approach exercising and training.


Animal flow

Is a ground-based movement workout made fun, challenging and effective. This system is designed to improve strength power, flexibility, mobility, and coordination for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Whether you want to workout on your own, train with a professional, or take part in group classes, Animal Flow has something for every body!


FUN Gymnastics

Is Gymnastics made fun! Gymnastics already improves our strength and power, coordination, and flexibility amongst others, but with Fun Gymnastics, we incorporate games and challenges that make the sport more entertaining and…well, fun!



Is a full-body workout that rely on nothing but your body weight. A more natural approach to  forming strength and toning muscles.



A more upbeat version of yoga, this class will have you working your core and flexibility, improving your strength and technique, will have you sweating to the sound of good music.
It will definitely shift your mindset from workout to movement and from punishment to the celebration.


Yoga for soul

Here’s a class to chase away the day’s stressful energy, Yoga for soul connects the mind to the body and finds the harmony of peace within. A sound body relies on healthy muscle fibers, this workout improves our flexibility and core strength.



Is not an explosive workout, it’s the opposite but while it’s intensity level is low, it works your core, muscles and flexibility nonetheless!



Barres are used extensively in ballet training and while the workout is a growing trend in the USA, the benefits of Barres are surprisingly great considering the low-impact exercises. This class will definitely form your muscles and make it more elastic and lean while feeling like you barely made an effort. 


Pound fitness

Here’s a good way to release all that pressure brewing inside! Pound the ground while you work on your flexibility, muscle and core!


Frequently Asked questions

Can these workouts really make me feel free from the everyday hustle and bustle?

Freedom is a state of mind and most of our classes are tailored to our Philosophical approach to Fitness: Freedom & Fun.

How can I benefit from Loca movement workouts?

Loca Movement aims to improve your strength, flexibility, coordination while working on building and toning your muscles, that’s the physical benefits of it but mental side effects include but are not limited to happiness. You have been warned.

Is it guaranteed that I can lose weight?

Losing Weight is a reaction, it starts with proper dieting accompanied by continuous exercises. Our purpose is to make those exercises feel less like work and more like fun. So yes, it can help you lose weight given your dieting is also on point.

Can these classes help me build strength?

Loca Movement is reliant on using bodyweight to perform various exercises. The workout emphasizes building strength through natural forms, basically, you will be building strength at your own pace and will. 

What if I’ve never done any of these workouts before, how do I get started?

We have dedicated Instructors and Trainers that can hold your hand step by step. The holding hands part is optional.  

Are there difficulty levels for each type of workout?

The key to a more fit body and mind is to improve steadily. Yes, we aim to help you progress along the way. 

Is it possible for me to become an instructor?

Reach out and we’ll tell you! 🙂

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