about us

We want to make a difference in people’s lives.

LocaStudio is founded by Sarah and Nouf. Sarah is the business side, Nouf is the training & fitness expert and both are always in pursuit of freedom. The idea is to have a place where Joy is experienced, Freedom is lived and the art of Dance & Fitness is mastered in one place while embracing the most of Happiness.  

Our Promise to You

To inspire, entertain and improve the well-beings of our members through creatively tailored workouts that reinforces happiness, empowering peace of mind and encouraging personal freedom. To create a world of fitness that transcends the regular workout routines and instead focuses on a more positive acceptance of our bodies while uplifting and maintaining our spirits. 


So, if you’re like us and you’re tired of being sold the same product and lifestyle over and over with no positive result??

 Good! You’re here because you want results, we’re here because we want to show you that we don’t have to cage ourselves inside the walls of routine and fitness myths!


Do you get bored easily?

Yes, we do too! Looking for a different workout experience? Yes, we have it! Our classes are here to ignite and inspire happiness in each workout! We all have souls that are hungry for that freedom, so come on over and let’s feed it! 

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